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A New Spin on Salad Spinners

Our new salad spinner is the most advanced way to dry your lettuce or other fruits and vegetables. Featuring our durable polymer construction, the all-new salad spinner includes a multi-function top for easy prep and cleanup.


Rethink SALADS

The salad spinner, reimagined.

We’ve been hard at work in the labs perfecting the art of the salad spinner. Ensuring maximum produce drying and tool durability, all while maintaining a fair price. See why you should add a salad spinner to your kitchen.

01. High-Capacity Storage Bowl

Our salad spinners feature a high-capacity, 4-Liter storage bowl. The clear, plastic construction allows you to easily view the contents, whether washing lettuce or storing something else.

02. Locking Lid with Built-In Strainer

Our innovative locking lid ensures that you don’t accidentally toss your salad. The built-in strainer allows you to easily drain dirty water.

03. Multifunction Lid with Grater & Slicer

In addition to the washing lid, every salad spinner includes a multi-function lid with a built-in grater and slicer. This allows you to grate cheese or slice vegetables directly into your salad.